Grid Spinners

"Imagine joining a summer Reggae festival then turning a corner and getting caught in a snowfall. Or whirling through an underpass and ending up inside a football stadium."

Grab your handlebars - we’re going on an epic ride through Milton Keynes! Forget all the traffic - it’s time to go off-grid and discover the people and places that make the new city special.

From Red Bull Racing to cute robots, the Grid Spinners see it all from their unique three-man rig. It took 12 months to film, but only 11 minutes to watch. Here it comes - the Milton Keynes Magical Mystery Tour, Grid Spinners.

And don’t miss our blooper reel at the end.

Director - Thomas Gray
Music - Pete Lockwood
Costumes - Astrid Schulz
Choreographer - Hannah Pickett 
Drone Footage - Marcus Delo Creative
Photographer - Alex McCarthy
Social Media - Nicky Kenny
Fundraiser - Emma Brookes 
Producer - Rosemary Hill
Executive Producer - Linda Inoki
Riders - Thomas, Jade & Miles

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