Grid Spinners

A fast-paced magical mystery tour of Milton Keynes filmed from the perspective of a 3 rider bike. Using drones and bike mounted cameras, material will be gathered throughout 2021 then edited to look like a single extraordinary excursion where underpasses act as magical points of transition between locations, times, activities and landmarks around MK.

You can also come join us and be a part of our film. We will be filming in a variety of locations and at events around Milton Keynes until the end of 2021 and you can participate on bike, foot or scooter and become extras in our film. For specific dates and places go to our website or one of our social media channels.
"Imagine joining a summer Reggae festival then turning a corner and getting caught in a snowfall. Or whirling through an underpass and ending up inside a football stadium."

Director - Thomas Gray
Music - Guy Theaker
SFX - Pep Palau
Costumes - Astrid Schulz
Drone Footage - Marcus Delo Creative
Producer/ Community Producer - Nicky Kenny
Project Management Advisor - Emma Brookes
Riders - Thomas, Qingyang & Miles