Border Zone

Dreams, Memories & Realities a light, sound and performance installation event created by Lightscape artist Thomas D Gray in collaboration with Simon Bradford, Anna Berry and Bill Bartolotta and with performances by Motus, Gabrielle Baldocci, Lola Perrin, Sally Halsey and Jessica Thayer.

Inspired by Brexit and Climate Change, Border-Zone, a space where sounds and music blend and collide in 360 degrees while images transform the space around the viewer is actually 7 separate projection based installations covering two large gallery spaces, one white and one black totalling over 750 m². Designed to evoke dreams, memories and thoughts which heighten our sense of reality. Usually an internal and private affair, we now live in a world where ‘alternative’ realities are increasingly shared publicly promoted as truth by those with more extreme political agendas.

“An incredible exhibition that simply absorbs you. Totally immersive, so much so you just want to stay and feel more. Incredible!”